Clinical Services - Fees

Fees Structure

The fees may reflect the level of expertise and qualifications of the individual therapist; we may offer parents a choice of professional expertise depending on individual requirements. Please enquire for individual quotations.

£140 - 160 per hour
Individual consultations
This consultation will pinpoint your child’s developmental progress in all the areas of language and social communication, and give individual advice as to how a programme can best work for you and your child.

£140-160 per hour
Individual PACT therapy sessions (1 hour)
The emphasis of the PACT therapy sessions is to guide parents in helping their child’s language and communication development. The language programme is discussed, demonstrated and shared. Children may require  regular sessions initially, followed by follow-up sessions at longer intervals.

based on individual needs
Initial assessment, advice and recommendations
This assessment will enable your child’s strengths and difficulties to be detailed so that individual recommendations of need and a therapy programme can be devised for him or her.

£160 - 170 per hour
Comprehensive assessment and medico-legal report
A comprehensive assessment, profile of needs, diagnostic formulation, recommendations and detailed assessment report can be provided depending on individual need. Fees are based on the length of assessment and report required. A comprehensive assessment will involve completing detailed standardised assessments with your child and gaining a full social communication history; the assessment may take 4 hours. We ask parents to bring copies of all previous assessment reports and we ask for consent to liaise with other professionals.

£170 per hour
Attendance in court
Parents may require the therapist to attend a tribunal or court hearing as a medico-legal expert witness.

£150 per hour
Telephone and email consultations
The first 15 minutes telephone consultation is free of charge. Subsequent telephone discussions, consultation, conferences, skype intervention sessions and email correspondence are available (e.g. to discuss strategies and support with parents and to provide ongoing support to older children and students).

Late Payment
Payment in full is requested 5 days before or on the day of the assessment or therapy session. Invoices are payable within 10 working days, interest is charged for late payment.

We ask parents to telephone if they need to cancel the appointment as soon as possible, there is no fee for 5 working days notice of a cancellation. If less than 5 working days notice to the session a fee will be charged.

£50 per hour and 50p per mile
Home and school visits can be arranged. The visits are invoiced at the above session fees with an additional fee for the travel time and mileage.