Clinical Services - Information for your visit


What will happen on my first visit?
Your child will play with the therapist and be encouraged to interact naturally. This will enable the therapist to listen to your child's language skills and assess your child's listening, understanding and expressive language in a relaxed setting. Your will be asked about your child's early development and have the opportunity to discuss any concerns you have about him/her.
What should I say to my child about the visit?
You could tell your child that he/she is going to play and chat with the therapist and have fun looking at a variety of toys/ books.
What happens if my child doesn't talk?
Do not be too concerned if your child doesn't talk on his/her visit. The aim is for your child to interact naturally with the therapist in a relaxed setting.
What advice will I receive?
At the end of the session the therapist will discuss with you a summary of your child's speech and language development. She will give you advice on the best ways to help your child.
What should I do if I can't attend?
Please telephone the clinic at the earliest opportunity, we will then be able to offer you another day or time.