PACT Intervention - Pre-School Autism Communication Therapy

Pre-school Autism Communication Therapy – professional training manual

This manual contains the content and methods for PACT intervention – a specialised speech and language therapy manual and resource. The intervention was developed for children aged between 2 and 7 years of age who have autism spectrum disorder and related social communication difficulties, at either the pre-verbal or stages of early language development. These children typically have a range of social, communication and language needs. The PACT intervention enhances child communication through adapted parent–child interaction.

About the PACT intervention
The intervention was evaluated in the Pre-school Autism Communication Trial (Green et al. 2010), the largest, robust therapy intervention trial to date in the field of autism, with studies testing the therapy process (Aldred et al. 2011). The evaluation showed changes in parent communication style which were found to significantly lead to increases in child communication and parent reported everyday social communication, child expressive vocabulary and language understanding.
PACT Intervention

The PACT Intervention

The PACT programme is of moderate intensity, developmentally appropriate and enjoyable for both parent and child, using natural relaxed play within daily routines in the family home. Parents and the therapist work together, reviewing the parent-child play with video playback. The parents learn how to use sensitive responses to the child’s communication, as well as enticing child communication and using supportive language techniques.

The PACT Intervention has two phases:

PHASE 1: Parents undertake 1:1 therapy sessions, lasting approximately 2 hours, every 2 weeks for 6 months and parents are asked to undertake 30 minutes daily practice at home between the sessions.

The therapy has six stages with goals focusing on observing child communication, adapting the timing and pace of parent responses and using adapted language input; fostering child communication initiation and pragmatics; developing child language extensions, and conversation.

PHASE 2: Further monthly maintenance sessions are available to generalise the therapy goals into daily routines and different social contexts.

PACT Intervention Package Contents

The Pact Intervention package consists of:

  • The PACT Practitioner Manual:contains full instructions for the assessment and planning of individual therapy targets, instructions and guidance on delivering the PACT intervention
  • The PACT Intervention Planning and Record Form: allows the practitioner to plan individualized and person centred intervention, plan goal setting and record progress and achievements.

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